BACCC response to January 2023 partial consultation on Bristol Local Plan

“The Local Plan consultation is a massive opportunity to shape planning decisions that will affect both the climate resilience and climate impacts of Bristol. Not just for the next 20 years that the plan covers, but for many, many years to come.” Jo House, University of Bristol (BACCC Co-chair) Bristol’s new local plan will updateContinue reading “BACCC response to January 2023 partial consultation on Bristol Local Plan”

BACCC statement on extreme heat in the UK, July 2022

Bristol is experiencing unprecedented levels of heat with temperature records in parts of the UK likely to be broken over the coming days. Dangerously high temperatures are a consequence of climate change and will occur more frequently in the future. The extreme heat impacts on health, infrastructure, food, water and ecosystems, and causes disruption toContinue reading “BACCC statement on extreme heat in the UK, July 2022”

Liveable and Low Traffic Neighbourhoods: Rapid Assessment

In response to a request from Bristol One City stakeholders, the Bristol Advisory Committee on Climate Change (BACCC) has worked quickly to produce a Rapid Assessment on Liveable and Low Traffic Neighbourhoods. This assessment gathers and identifies the quality of case studies and evidence and presents recommendations to improve the success of potential schemes. ToContinue reading “Liveable and Low Traffic Neighbourhoods: Rapid Assessment”