The Bristol Advisory Committee on Climate Change is made up of 23 members from the academic, public, private or civil society sectors with a wide range of expertise. We are not currently recruiting to the Committee.

Committee members also have access to a register of experts. This is a list of people with specific technical expertise in several different areas relating to climate change mitigation and adaptation. The Committee can draw on these individuals to provide support in reviewing evidence and progress.

If you would like to join the register of experts for the Bristol Advisory Committee on Climate Change, please read the information for applicants and complete this form to apply. We will review your application against current needs of the committee and be in touch within a month to request further information (if required) and to confirm whether your application is successful.

Currently we have gaps in knowledge around justice, land, and aviation, however we will consider applications from other areas as well.

The application process is open-ended and new applications will be reviewed on a monthly basis.