BACCC Launches Annual Report on Year Two

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The Bristol Advisory Committee on Climate Change (BACCC) has published its Annual Report on Year Two, a review of the second year since its formation.

The report gives an overview of its activities in 2021, progress made towards set priorities, an analysis of impact and reflections on progress made towards Bristol’s carbon neutral and climate resilience target.

BACCC has identified the following priorities for the year ahead:

  • To understand and influence key national developments and their implications for Bristol, identifying opportunities and challenges for Bristol’s 2030 ambition, working closely with key local, national and international agencies.
  • To increase the focus within Bristol on climate risk and adaptation needs.
  • To monitor progress of delivery of the One City Climate Strategy.
  • To support local Climate Emergency communication and engagement activity.
  • To increase the focus on a just transition to all One City Boards and Bristol City Council, and as part of the One City Climate Strategy planning processes.

The BACCC’s Annual Report on Year Two is now available here.

Cover image of BACCC annual report year two