BACCC statement on extreme heat in the UK, July 2022

Bristol is experiencing unprecedented levels of heat with temperature records in parts of the UK likely to be broken over the coming days. Dangerously high temperatures are a consequence of climate change and will occur more frequently in the future.

The extreme heat impacts on health, infrastructure, food, water and ecosystems, and causes disruption to lives and livelihoods. These impacts will be felt by everyone but are not felt equally – with heatwaves more likely to affect homeless people, those living in low-quality housing, the elderly, Disabled people and frontline workers. Whilst many can stay at home this week, others must work in the heat.

We must redouble our efforts to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and protect nature, whilst giving urgent attention to adapting homes, offices and infrastructure to be cooler and more resilient in our new climate reality.

Please note: This statement has not necessarily been endorsed by all Committee members or, where applicable, their host organisations.

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